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San Miguel’s gorgeous historical district is the beating heart of the city. The entire neighborhood was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Centro’s streets are lined with remarkable examples of Spanish Colonial Baroque architecture from the 16th and 17th centuries. Most of these houses have been carefully renovated in a manner that retains their classic style. Residents also choose Centro for the convenience as well as the elegance: from a Centro home, everything is walkable, including dozens of excellent restaurants, shops, galleries, museums, the Jardin Principal, Parque Juárez, and much more. These homes tend to have lovely central patios as well as terraces for outdoor living with the beautiful cityscape as a backdrop.



This quiet residential neighborhood is situated in the upper part of San Miguel, providing especially beautiful panoramic views. The neighborhood maintains a pleasing balance between contemporary style and San Miguel’s traditional colonial architecture and is a great fit for those seeking both tranquility and proximity to Centro. Los Balcones also provides convenient access to el Charco del Ingenio Botanical Garden, a large nature preserve offering peaceful hiking trails along a beautiful canyon as well as educational and cultural programs.

San Antonio

san antonio

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San Antonio is a well-located, vibrant neighborhood which still offers great opportunities to buy and remodel. Over the last two decades, many homes here have been beautifully renovated, and interesting new cafés, shops, and galleries regularly open. This neighborhood, where dozens of artists live and work, hosts the popular “San Miguel Open Studios,” and a new arts district is currently developing along Stirling Dickinson. Bordered by the Ancha de San Antonio, this neighborhood is conveniently located next to Centro. 

Ojo de Agua

ojo de agua

Ojo de Agua is a lovely and quiet residential neighborhood within walking distance of Centro. The talents of the best architects in San Miguel have contributed to the grand houses in this neighborhood, many of which offer exciting contemporary touches while respecting San Miguel’s colonial style. These homes are characterized by beautiful views of Centro, including the Parroquia.



Guadalupe, a mixed neighborhood, is famous for an abundance of exuberant murals. There is great diversity among both the houses and inhabitants of this charming neighborhood conveniently located next to Centro. The colorful murals on the walls of Guadalupe’s local shops, galleries, cafés, schools, and houses enhance the artistic vibe of the area, and in fact, many artists call Guadalupe home. It is no coincidence that the neighborhood is only a short walk from the Fábrica la Aurora, a large, world-class cultural center featuring dozens of galleries, art studios, design stores, and restaurants.



Atascadero provides a quiet refuge away from the hubbub of downtown San Miguel. A variety of architectural styles shine in this charming, eclectic neighborhood. A major attraction is el Charco del Ingenio Botanical Garden, or Cante, as locals call it. This large nature preserve offers peaceful hiking trails along a beautiful canyon as well as educational and cultural programs. Atascadero is located conveniently near Plaza la Luciérnaga’s shops, cinema, supermarket, and other services, with easy access to the Querétaro highway.



This quiet, convenient residential neighborhood emerged in the late 1980s and has remained popular ever since. The neighborhood’s proximity to the historic center is very appealing: it is a short, mostly flat walk to the Jardin Principal. Many of the houses in Guadiana offer incredible views of Centro, including the Parroquia, and large gardens with swimming pools. Guadiana’s welcoming neighborhood park was recently beautifully redesigned. From this neighborhood, one can also enjoy easy access to the many restaurants on the Salida a Celaya and the Ancha de San Antonio as well as the wonderful culinary shops of Mercado Sano.

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