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"We look at the world only once, in childhood. The rest is memory." Louise Elisabeth Glück.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

If with this conscious thought we could enrich the childhood of our children, we would. Reconnecting with nature, going back to basics, remembering the ability to surprise ourselves, feeling free. Taking advantage of our time to enjoy with the family and thus fill life with beautiful moments, without having to pay a fortune. San Miguel awakes this in us, a place with history and cultural richness, surrounded by a multicultural community where our children will learn from the hand of others and make lifelong bonds. One of the big-small presents that San Miguel offers is to "Live in no rush!" . Below I give you some great ideas to do with children on your holiday or every week living here.

San Miguel has different options for outdoor walks: The Allende Dam, The Botanical Garden, the Jardín Principal (main square) and Parque Juarez downtown are some of them. You can visit some of its restaurants on the outskirts ideal for children, such as Nirvana, Mamá Mía Campestre or Casa de Aves. And do not leave aside the option of going for a walk along a path of crops, for example in the community of Los Lopez or Atotonilco.

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