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Empowering Women in San Miguel de Allende

Looking for a way to give back to this wonderful community?

Mano Amiga is an impactful organization whose mission is to help women in San Miguel empower themselves, financially and personally, through microlending. Mano Amiga changes lives by providing interest-free microloans, business training, and mentoring to local women who lack access to affordable credit, enabling them to build successful small businesses.

Mano Amiga was founded in 2018 by Mexican, American, Cuban, and Swedish women with backgrounds in business and international development who also had experience working with local nonprofit organizations. These women identified a critical need in the community and came together to meet that need. Mano Amiga's microloans typically range from $10,000-$15,000 pesos ($500-$750 USD). Mano Amiga selects applicants with the drive to succeed, thereby improving their families’ prospects and strengthening communities.​​

“For me, the loan they gave me, that I am paying punctually, allowed me to update and expand my muffler business and enabled my children to continue with their studies at a higher level—that's why I'm so grateful for their valuable help." —Sra. Diana María Mendoza Olvera, proprietor of San Miguel’s only female-owned muffler shop.

When a woman receives a Mano Amiga loan, she enters a sisterhood of small businesswomen, and the powerful message she hears is “we believe in you.” The best part is that after each recipient pays back her loan, that money is then loaned to another woman, and so on, potentially benefitting many future recipients as well. One donation can change the lives of many women and their families.

“The support I have been given, to take my small business forward, has been a very big boost for me and my family." —Sra. Imelda Rivera Vásquez, traditional handmade piñata business.

Mano Amiga promotes traditional cultural products and values environmental sustainability. For example, Laura received a loan to expand her mole business. The recipes for these delicious sauces have been in her family for generations. Patricia, Carolina, and others create exquisite handicrafts such as handmade jewelry and embroidered linens, while Imelda crafts traditional piñatas. Mano Amiga also supports women making progress in non-traditional ways: Diana’s business is the only female-owned muffler shop in San Miguel.


To learn more or make a donation, please visit Send us a note at, and follow Mano Amiga on Facebook @manoamigasanmiguel and Instagram @manoamigasma. Muchas gracias!

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